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Alzira Assis - Singer / Dancer / do Brasil


The lady sings - Alzira Assis... 

Award Winning - Jazz & Bossa Nova singer!


Also several other styles are included in her repertoire. Highly entertaining, exciting & great presentation...


Performing Jazz standards, English, Bossa Nova, Portugese and a few Editt Piaf songs.

She has been performing on both small and big stages during her singing career, from which most of it in Holland, Belgium and Germany... Furthermore she has been performing around the world while travelling and working in a diplomatic world...


Nowadays residing in Holland.

Alzira Assis is well known in the society world, delivering shows and Poetry reciting as for Interantional embassy´s  and other well known organizations... A performance to look forward to!


To name a few references...


Hans Dulfer..

Kika Gala

Hilton Amsterdam


Panama amsterdam

Hilton Den Haag

Polo wassenaar

Wedding Draga

Kunstzalen vecht

Horta Antwerp

Winecellar 1550 Anwerp

House of Bloem

Society Lunch...


Not only can Alzira sing, she's also a great dancer with different looks, like Brasil, Funky, Afro & Clubbing...

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